What Could/Should Curating Do? is the first international course for emerging curators to take place in Belgrade, Serbia, founded in 2018 by Biljana Ćirić (independent curator based in Shanghai).

The program aims to situate curatorial practice within the specific contextual framework of the region, while also providing insights to the wider international framework related to exhibition-making practices on both a theoretical and practical level. The project is conceived as an annual program of curatorial workshops, lectures, and studio visits, all with the intention to bring together key international and local figures engaged in curatorial discourse, who specifically are able to offer important institutional knowledge and networks to the participants of the program. In collaboration with institutional and corporate partners, the intention of the project is to strengthen the next generation of curators and experts by helping them accumulate knowledge and establish new networks and partnerships through the program.

Artist Saša Tkačenko has been commissioned to develop the visual identity for the project.

Team of the project for 2018 included art historians Ana Anakijev and Katarina Kostandinović.

In 2019 curator Tjaša Pogačar joined WCSCD team as a tutor.