On Cosmotechnics and New Geopolitics

On Cosmotechnics and New Geopolitics

In collaboration with Yuk Hui
Solveig Suess and Asia Bazdyrieva and Sum Collective

Geocinema, Registering Solar, 2018

In collaboration with Hong Kong based philosopher Yuk Hui and number of invited researchers across the researched regions the notion of cosmotechnics has been examined.

Cosmotechnics as “a new paradigm that goes beyond nature/culture divide and reconciles technology with nature”, through a research project which takes as its focus the relations between technology and the environment along the Belt and Road Initiative in Central Asia and Balkans.

Invited researches propose indicators for mapping possibilities as a proposal to think about new geopolitics.


Registering Solar

For present-day Central Asia, the official launch of the Belt and Road Initiative in 2013 marked a period of transformations to come. The development of new transit corridors linking North to South and East to West, along with the modernization of telecommunications networks, came with promises for a new era of infrastructural economy. For the five countries of Central Asia – Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan – the Belt and Road Initiative and associated Chinese investments, were synonymous with a new era of political and economic relations. While further accelerating international trade, these new transportation networks are paired with shifts in land ownership, alongside new ecological ideologies of sustainable development, green economy, and good governance.

Geocinema’s current research departs from early colonial encounters to present day data visualisations– tracing the intertwined history of scientific image practices and optical technological regimes which had contributed to the massive transformations of land, through the understanding of its soil. In Central Asia, they will take as a starting point Yuk Hui’s concept of ‘cosmoteсhnics’, tracing how the relationship between the Sun and Earth interfaced through its soil, scale from the epistemological to the ecological.

Research is conducted by Solveig Suess and Asia Bazdyrieva.